Creating a positive environment

The OVC afterschool-program was established in 2011 to address the challenges that children and their guardians face every day, as HIV is not only a medical issue, but has also social and emotional consequences on children, their families and the community. The children that come to DAM get the experience of engaging in life-skills programs, homework assistance, fun and games. We also offer them a nutritious meal that really puts a smile on their faces. Together with HIVSA we have also developed household economic strengthening initiatives by creating education and support groups for parents and caregivers.



Good food and support is equally as important for our children. We believe that with healthy food comes healthy minds, which promotes growth and development. We as DAM strive to prevent malnutrition because it weakens the immune system, thus preventing the kids to perform at their full potential. Food support should be child-focused and family-centered. Household and communities coping with HIV and AIDS have greater need for food and nutritional support yet face greater challenges getting access to it.
In our afterschool program we feed the children three times a week. Some of the food is sponsored by longtime partners and some of it is proudly taken from our Support Group gardens.


Health Screening

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DREAMS is a programme with a vision of reducing the high rate of HIV/AIDS infection amongst adolescent girls and young women between the ages of 10 to 24.
It's Mission is to empower girls and young women to stand their ground (independency), to reduce HIV infection by 40% by the end of 2017 in adolescent and young women and to build and strengthen families in community.
DREAMS consists of three interventions:
Financial Capability teaches children about saving and handling Money.
Vhutshilo teaches about life skills, including social, sexual and health issues.
Let’s Talk develops and improves communication and understanding between adolescent and caregiver.

Dance Group

The Kotula Dance Academy consists of 25 Dance Bursaries with the Katz Dance studio in Sandton. Here the children are taught each and every weekend by internationally certified dance instructors. The children have performed the Mini Lion King Workshop on several stages in 2016, including the Wits Theare in Johannesburg. In September 2016 they were participating in a flash mob event at Southgate Mall and Maponya Mall in Soweto, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent.